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Is the VG Shark Fin Antenna functional and how does the reception compare to the OEM antenna?

Yes!  The VG Shark Fin Antenna attaches directly to your antenna base and maintains your AM/FM radio reception.  Generally if you are within the city you will not notice any difference in reception compared to the OEM antenna, however once you are farther away from the city or the stations that you are listening to have a weaker signal, it is possible to notice a drop in reception when compared to your stock antenna.


I have Sirius/XM/GPS/Navigation in my car, is the VG Shark Fin Antenna compatible?

The Mark II VG Shark Fin Antenna was developed specifically for vehicles that have an AM/FM rear-roof whip antenna and a Sirius/XM/GPS/Navigation chip-set antenna integrated into the antenna base. Our Mark II antenna will allow you to replace the whip portion of your AM/FM antenna and cover the entire larger antenna base on your roof to give it a clean look.  Installing this antenna will not hinder the operation of your Sirius/XM/GPS/Navigation chip-set antennas that are integrated into your antenna base, however, it may be possible to notice a slight drop in reception in AM/FM especially when listening to stations that are located further away or stations that have weaker signals.


Do I need to remove the rear-roof antenna base for the VG Shark Fin Antenna to fit my car?

No, you do not need to remove the entire antenna base assembly in order to install the VG Shark Fin Antenna.  After you remove the whip-portion of the antenna, you simply screw in our antenna and mount our shark fin directly over-top of the antenna base, covering the entire assembly. There is no need to modify or remove anything from your car for installation, and you can easily remove the VG Shark Fin Antenna at a future time without damage to your paint or car.


Is VG Shark Fin Antenna compatible with front-roof mounted antenna bases?

Unfortunately, the VG Shark Fin Antenna is not compatible with vehicles that have a front-roof mounted antenna base as there isn’t sufficient room to properly mount the shark fin antenna due to the close proximity of the front-windshield.


Is it easy to install the VG Shark Fin Antenna myself?

The installation is really easy and takes no more than 15-20 minutes. No special tools are required as all of them can usually be found around the house. Full installation instructions will be provided with the shipment.


What color does the VG Shark Fin Antenna come in?

We paint match the VG Shark Fin Antenna to the OEM color code of your vehicle, which is found on your color identification plate.  Please see this link to help you find your color identification plate.  We generally have most OEM color codes, although there may be some that we don’t have access to due to a variety of reasons.  If you don’t see your color code listed, please email us and we’ll see what we can do for you.


I don’t want my VG Shark Fin Antenna painted; can I purchase it without the painting option?

Yes, we can produce a shark fin antenna for you without paint.  Please contact us with your car make, model, year and we’ll let you know the details.


Can I install the VG Shark Fin Antenna on my vehicle when it does not have an antenna base?

Yes, you can certainly install our shark fin antenna on your vehicle without an antenna base.  You don’t need to connect the antenna, and simply need to follow the other instructions for mounting the shark fin on your roof.  However, our shark fin antenna is not universal and is custom produced to match the curvature of your roofline, please email us if you don’t see your vehicle and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Does the VG Shark Fin Antenna withstand all weather conditions and hold up in car washes?

Yes, the VG Shark Fin Antenna stands up well to both hot weather and cold weather conditions when the installation instructions are followed.  There are no issues with going through any type of car wash, whether by hand, touchless or softcloth.  We recommend waiting 1 to 2 weeks after the initial installation before going through the first car wash to ensure proper adhesion to the roof.


What are the dimensions of the VG Shark Fin Antennas?

The VG Shark Fin Antenna is approximately 6.5”L x 4.25” x 2.5”H and the Mark II VG Shark Fin Antenna is approximately 6.5”L x 3.75”W x 2.5”H.  Please note that these are only the footprint dimensions and that the curved surfaces affect the overall look as well.  Here are some pictures that compare the overall shape of our shark fin antennas.


I don’t see my vehicle year, make or model listed, can I still use the VG Shark Fin Antenna?

Although you may not see your vehicle listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use our shark fin antenna.  We might be able to custom produce a shark fin for you, please email us with your car make, model and year and we’ll take a look for you.

Can I remove the VG Shark Fin Antenna without damaging my vehicle?

Yes, you can certainly remove it from your vehicle and there are a few different methods you can do this.  You can use some dental floss to get under the adhesive and remove it from the roof, much like you would with vehicle emblems.  Alternately, you can heat up the adhesive and gently rock back and forth until it loosens.  For more details or assistance, please email us.


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